Eugene Communalism

politics for an emancipated society

Eugene Communalism has been formed with the purpose of advocating for and actively pursuing the ideals of a rational, ecological society as theorized most fully by Murray Bookchin.

We seek to build an egalitarian society that is non-hierarchical, decentralized, and directly democratic.

Toward this goal we aim to establish local projects here in Eugene, Oregon, and to assist other Communalist around the world.

Membership defined

November 10th, 2016

Eugene Communalism met again last Thursday at New Day Bakery. Our primary focus was detailing what constitutes membership for our organization. It was decided to delineate two forms of membership: full and provisional. Provisional membership is intended to be a temporary transitional state into full membership. Full members are enabled to make policy decisions and shape the future of Eugene Communalism.

Read our membership policy.

This policy, like our other structural documents is open source. We hope this document can be of assistance to other groups trying to establish an organization of their own.

Now our full array of open...

Society and Ecology

October 25th, 2016

This is over a week late, but wanted to note that we came together and discussed "Society and Ecology" from Bookchin's Remaking Society.

We also ended up talking about Sam Dolgoff and his relationship with Bookchin. Dolgoff's son, Anatole, has written a moving biography titled "Left of the Left".

Discussion - The Communalist Project

September 16th, 2016

Yesterday we held a fruitful discussion on Murray Bookchin's "The Communalist Project". In it, Bookchin speaks to both the merits and shortcomings of Marxism, anarchism, and syndicalism. An emphasis is placed on the need to build upon these historic movements while also transcending to a new form of radicalism based on decentralized politics.

At our next gathering we will discuss the second chapter of Bookchin's "Remaking Society". This chapter covers the relationship of humanity and nature.

Time and date of our next meeting will be announced once it is decided.

Our second meet up

August 10th, 2016

Eugene Communalism gathered for a second time yesterday at New Day Bakery in the Whiteaker. We all enjoyed our upbeat discussion on how to actualize our societal visions.

We briefly discussed an article by Camillo Berneri that covered Peter Kropotkin's federalist ideas. Nathan reported back on having read "Ecology or Catastrophe" by Janet Biehl. 

We also brainstormed on ideas regarding municipal elections and general assemblies, transportation alternatives to the private motor car, community centers and dining halls, rent control, co-housing, and hosting workshops to teach democratic decision making and conflict resolution.

Our session ended with us deciding to read...

Conflict resolution process

July 31st, 2016

An important aspect of building a strong cooperative and pluralistic movement is being able to address and overcome conflict amongst ourselves without burning out. To this end, Stephanie and Marcus have written a conflict resolution process for Eugene Communalism. This process is open source and other groups may use and adapt as they need.

Read our Conflict Resolution page.

We drew heavily from the work of Tree Bressen and the Fellowship for Intentional Communities.

Our first meet up

July 13th, 2016
We're so happy that Eugene Communalism was able to host a general discussion yesterday. Three of us met at New Day Bakery in the Whiteaker and chatted for about two hours covering a range of topics.

Below are some notes from the meeting:

The city of Eugene had required all businesses to provide sick leave to their employees. There were no loopholes for businesses to opt-out. It was remembered that some small businesses were in opposition to the measure. This policy provides an example of the city extending political control over the economy for the benefit of workers. This...